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Usha Furniture

About Us

Usha Shriram Enterprises was established in 1983 to manufacture wooden furniture. It is now a 30 year old company.

Over the years we have diversified into various product lines such as Lighting, Cookware, Water Purifiers, Furniture, Luggage and Hotels. Our products are marketed under various brand names such as Usha Shriram Lexus Furniture, USHA EUROLEX LIGHTING , USHA EUROCOOK COOKWARE, EUROLEX APPLIANCES, USHA EUROLEX LUGGAGE and USHA WATER PURIFICATION SYSYTEMS.

Usha Shriram Enterprises is a name to reckon with for Quality, Reliability and Trust – a reputation that we have earned over the decades by building quality products, providing excellent service and customer satisfaction. We have extensive facility for testing of our products, where all kinds of tests as required by International and Indian standards can be performed.

We have also been exporting to many countries in the Middle East, Africa and neighbouring areas.

The ability to grow and to exceed customer expectations is the strength of our highly talented and motivated workforce. This has resulted into making us a well known brand in India with a phenomenal goodwill.

Usha Shriram Lexus Furniture

Usha Shriram Lexus Furniture is a pioneer in the field of branded wooden furniture for homes in India.

Way back in 1983, when the Indian market was totally oblivious to the concept of ready-made branded solid wood furniture, Usha Shriram Lexus Furniture pioneered this concept by not only offering standardised machine made furniture but also the concept of after sales service and warranty which was till recently unheard of.

Coming from the house of Usha Shriram, a trusted name in the area of household products for many decades, we have been delighting the customer with our designs, quality and service since then. With a drastic change in the lifestyle in the recent years, we have strived to be the one-stop-shop for lifestyle furniture which is not only contemporary, elegant and well designed but is also long lasting.